The Brands that we Stock

We offer a wide range of brands, meaning we can offer a variety of frames for men, women and children. We can accomodate most preferences and budgets. 


There are some examples below, but we stock much more than this - so be sure to come in and browse if needed!



Our most popular brand that we currently stock is Stepper Eyewear, a German brand which produces a wide variety of frames. Their most popular branch of frames being their all-titanium construction which focuses mostly on rimless and semi-rimless frames. In addition to this they also have a StepperS line, which tends to be slightly cheaper, due to their either aluminium or plastic construction, while still maintaning outstanding quality.

Ted Baker

Ted Baker eyewear ties in perfectly with the brand's clothing line - a mix of modern and retro styles while maintaining the brilliant comfort and fit that all customers have come to expect over the years.


Wolf is an independent, British eyewear and sunglasses brand for men, women and children. Their frames tend to be colourful but not extravagant and they frequently offer larger frames for those who may need it.

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